How Do We

Unlock Your Body?

We do it in 3 Phases

PHASE I(Pre Treatment)


What should you be wearing?

Shorts and a tank top or sports bra. Ideally attire that you can move in and the therapist can access skin to treat  soft tissue issues if need be.

What to Expect?

Sessions range from 60min to 90min, please arrive 5-10 mins before your session begins. In the RECOVER &REVIV sessions there will be fascial and stretch therapy only to unlock your fascia and continue to unlock your body's potential.

The Bodyscreen

Prior to all sessions we will assess your body and how it sits in gravity as well as how it moves through space.

PHASE II(Treatment)

The Treatment

All treatment sessions are designed from 1 of 3 treatment styles; RECOVER, REVIV, and THRIVE. Each treatment style serves its own purpose for the body.


Manual Therapy, Stretch Therapy, & Movement Education

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Manual Therapy & Stretch Therapy

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Stretch Therapy

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PHASE III(Post Treatment)

The Bodyscreen

We will revisit the poses and movements we assessed in Phase I and see what differences were created. After going over the results we will go into the recap of the session and create a home plan.


To closeout we will go over the session and discuss the areas of focus that were addressed and how that directly affects your movement. The therapist will then go over homework for you to do.
What kind of homework will I get?
Primarily the therapist will show you a few stretches to do to maintain the release that they created in the session, but they might include 1 or 2 exercises to help retrain your body's movement.
How long do the results last?
Results vary based on your everyday movement and your upkeep with your homework.


Manual Therapy is a type of bodywork that goes deeper and works more than your average massage. Manual Therapy works with the fascial system in the body.

What is fascia?

That's a very long answer, but in short it is the interconnecting outer lining net around all of the body's muscles, bones, ligaments n tendons, and organs. Fascia stores information, emotions, memory and more. When fascia is in an ideal state it's more gel like and fluid in movement. On the contrary it can become more solid like restricting movement.

Why work with fascia?

For me specifically I believe movement is medicine. When you're not able to move your body like you want to or like you're supposed to it's frustrating and sometimes painful. Most of the time it's because you're fascia is hard-like and stuck and not in fluid state allowing natural movement to happen. So best way to fix that is addressing the fascia through manual therapy.

Who does Manual Therapy?

Not all but some:  Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths 

Written by - Jordan Coburn



RECOVER is our rehab and rebuild treatment.  This treatment will be deeper and slower paying close attention to the body's limits and pain threshold while working towards restoring your normal movement pattern and decreasing pain using mostly manual and some stretch therapy.

After the session the therapist will teach you stretches and movements specific to your needs.

We recommend for all clients to book this style session first because it allows the therapist to work deeper with the fascial lines in the body which opens up and clears out any tension within the body.



The REVIV session is the body maintenance treatment. This can be compared to your routine oil change for your car, to keep your body moving smoothly. In this session your therapist will do The BodyScreen and after that a plan will be created to treat specific parts of your body in relation to it's ailments. REVIV treatments are less deep than RECOVER because the body does not require as much. The targeted areas of the body will be worked to bring back to it's normal function using manual and stretch therapy.



The THRIVE session is your mobility, flexibility, and stretching treatment. This can be like your pre-game stretch, your warm up, or fine tuning of the body's mobility pre-performance. Or this can be for you everyday movers (working 9-5ers) who just aren't moving the same anymore and want to increase or regain your flexibility. In this session we will go over your goals with you and do an assessment to understand how to treat your individual body. After that a plan will be created to treat you to reach your goals and maximize mobility, range of motion, and your overall performance. This treatment is strictly stretching using Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and Acro Fascial Release (AFR) techniques to unlock the fascial lines in the body.


The manual therapy portion of the session is the most uncomfortable part of the session because of its deep pressure to break up the fascia in the body. Not to worry, this part moves along the body very quickly and creates results instantly. You will be asked to participate and move your body throughout the treatment so this is not a lay down and go to sleep type of session.


This is a stretch that will change your life. The stretches are developed to stretch muscle groups and fascia and not just individual muscles. There is also a good bit of joint mobilization here increasing circulation throughout the joints and the body.


Acro Fascial Release is the use of acrobatic yoga in a therapeutic manner to achieve joint mobilization, spinal decompression and stretching of the fascial chains in the body. AFR is safe for both men and women and no yoga experience is needed.