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One of our mottos is "Unlock Your Body" because that is our goal for each client that comes in through various methods we choose to treat the body. Below you will find the detailed explanation on each treatment style and what to expect in general from our movement therapists.


Common Reasons for Treatment:

- Extreme Soreness

​- Post Sporting Event/Competition

- Major Restrictions in Body

- Poor Mobility

- Learn How to Properly Stretch

- Learn Safe Movements to Rehab


Common Reasons for Treatment:

- Moderate Soreness

 - Moderate Mobility

- Stress form Work or Life

- Feeling Stagnant

- Body Feels Locked

- Move Better

Not exactly sure what service is best for you? No worries, you can choose the Initial RECOVER treatment and in the comments section of booking you can briefly explain your body's issues and we'll go over an assessment during your appointment.