"All of our bodies have the potential to do AMAZING things and move in remarkable ways, we just have to unlock that potential!"

Reviv Movement is type of movement based business that combines therapy that is comprised of joint mobilization, fascial manual therapy, and assisted stretching and body movement classes like Yoga, Animal Flow, mobility classes, and dance classes all to unlock the body.

Reviv Movement was founded by certified bodyworker Jordan Coburn. It was founded on the idea of shifting the thought of massage and bodywork from a spa and luxury treatment to a rehab and prehab treatment. REVIV Movement is for all people from the everyday worker to the premier athlete. We treat our clients through 3 different services, Recover (Rehab and Restore), Reviv (Body Maintenence) and Thrive (Prehab and Performance Prep).

Movement classes were added later to compliment the treatments we offered as well as to enhance and enforce the new body alignments and postures created from the treatments.

Some benefits of our treatments are:

  • Reduced Chronic Pain

  • Reduced Soreness

  • Reduced Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue

  • Increased Posture

  • Increased Performance

  • Increased Everyday Movement

  • Promote Relaxation

  • Enhance Physical Fitness

  • Increase Balance and Symmetry of the Body


What Inspires Jordan?

My clients inspire me to learn more to treat them better. The world inspires me to grow the business, connect great therapists and treat everyone around the world.

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